Not Sleeping Well? Ask Your Dentist for Help

Not Sleeping Well? Ask Your Dentist for Help

Denture Designs: Different Styles You Need To Consider

Gertrude Bates

Many denturists can offer you a completely customized denture, but you need to determine how you want the denture to look. For this reason, it is best to learn more about your style options so you can create an aesthetically pleasing denture for you to wear.

Tooth Shape

The first decision to make is what shape you want the teeth to be. Your easiest option is to have the denturist model the new ones after your existing teeth. However, if you do not like the shape of your current teeth, then this is your opportunity to make some changes.

The shape of teeth can change the overall look of the bottom and top of each tooth. For example, you can pick ones that have a squared bottom and a rounded top or the entire tooth can be oval or egg shaped.

Even if you choose to use your existing teeth as the model for the denture, you can still use this process to change a few minor aspects. You have the ability to make minor changes such as having your canine teeth slightly pointed instead of rounded or vise versa.


Once you pick the shape, you want to consider the color of the teeth. The color choices usually range from a bright white to a slightly yellowish appearance.

For some people, completely white teeth are not appealing. If you have never had the perfect white teeth that you sometimes see on TV, the lighter shades of yellow may be more appealing to you. The opposite is true as well, for those who have always had darker looking teeth. The coloring process allows you to pick the ideal color for your new teeth.

Before you choose a specific shade for the teeth, it is a good idea as the denturist about the colors they offer. Some have small sample teeth that you can hold up in front of your own teeth so you can see how the color will look. After considering all of the color option, you can determine which shade is right for you.

Gum Appearance

The last aspect to consider is one feature many people do not think about at first. The appearance of the gums, which is the pink portion of the denture, is just as important.

When customizing the denture, you can pick the exact shade of pink and you can choose the texture as well. These features do not affect how the denture works; they just allow you to make the denture look more natural. For example, you can have the denturist add small fibers within the gum area to resemble small veins that are naturally within the mouth. These small features can make the denture look extremely real and less likely that anyone will even realize that you are wearing a denture.

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