Not Sleeping Well? Ask Your Dentist for Help

Not Sleeping Well? Ask Your Dentist for Help

  • Denture Designs: Different Styles You Need To Consider

    Many denturists can offer you a completely customized denture, but you need to determine how you want the denture to look. For this reason, it is best to learn more about your style options so you can create an aesthetically pleasing denture for you to wear. Tooth Shape The first decision to make is what shape you want the teeth to be. Your easiest option is to have the denturist model the new ones after your existing teeth.

  • The Effects Ice Cubes Have On Your Teeth

    Many people will pick up a glass of water or cola and chew on the ice cubes left behind after their beverage is consumed. You might not see any harm in it, but unfortunately, there are some downsides to placing those ice cubes in your mouth. Here is what can happen to your teeth and gums if you regularly chew on ice cubes. Teeth Will Become Worn When you change the temperature within your mouth from warm to cool very quickly, it puts the enamel on the surfaces of your teeth at risk for cracking.

  • Really Bad Tooth? 3 Tips For Deciding When To Repair And When To Pull

    So, you neglected to have a cavity filing when you needed it and now your tooth is worse than ever? Once decay reaches the root of a tooth (or close to it), just a filling is no longer an option and you typically need either a root canal or an extraction followed by an implant. While your dentist will help you make this difficult decision, here are three tips to keep in mind when contemplating what to do.

  • Worried About Your Teeth Becoming Stained? 5 Ways You Can Prevent It

    Many people desire to have a perfect smile because great teeth are what make a great first impression. Unfortunately, stained teeth are a problem that can happen to anybody if they aren't careful. These are 5 ways you can prevent teeth staining from happening to you. 1. Rinse Out Your Mouth After Eating Foods and beverages that are darker in color, such as berries and tomato sauce, are not always avoidable.

  • 3 Reasons To Get Your Teeth Straightened

    If you have crooked teeth, chances are that you have felt a great deal of embarrassment about this fact at some point or another. If this is the case, you've probably considered getting braces, but maybe are wary of the long term commitment that comes with them. What you might not know, however, is that the longer you leave your teeth uncorrected, the more you expose yourself to various medical risk.

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Not Sleeping Well? Ask Your Dentist for Help

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