Not Sleeping Well? Ask Your Dentist for Help

Not Sleeping Well? Ask Your Dentist for Help

  • Why It's Dangerous To Sleep With Dentures

    If you have dentures, then you were probably told not to sleep with them. Take this advice seriously; otherwise, you may experience dental and health complications. Here are some of the dangers of sleeping with your dentures: Increased Risk of Pneumonia Sleeping with your dentures increases your risk of developing pneumonia. In fact, the risk doubles if you are 85 years of age or older. This heightened risk is associated with the swallowing difficulties that denture wearers face.

  • 5 Reasons You May Have Gingivitis

    Dealing with unhealthy gums can be a problem if you want to have healthy teeth that last a lifetime. Your gums are the foundation of your teeth and must be in good condition to avoid tooth loss. It's ideal to visit your dentist regularly to have any dental issues addressed and treated. By knowing some of the common reasons why gingivitis occurs, you may be more capable of preventing this dental problem from happening to you.

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Not Sleeping Well? Ask Your Dentist for Help

As an avid snorer with sleep apnea to boot, I really didn't know how to treat my problems. But after talking to my dentist, I realized that he can actually help me sleep better at night. My poor dental habits affected my sleep quality and I paid dearly for it. So, I embarked on a long journey of self-discovery. A journey that entailed two root canals, one laser gum surgery, and three porcelain veneers placements. After so many dental treatments, I vowed never to skip my oral care and dental visits again. If you want to improve your sleep quality, fix your dental problems. Don't skip your dental visits and definitely don't make excuses. While you're at it, visit my blog for detailed answers to your pressing dental problems.